Welcome to the Life Skills for Living online courses. These courses have been taught in classes for many years. In excess of 35,000 people have completed our classes and been helped to control and manage this emotion of negative anger. We are delighted to now be able to offer these same courses online so that the principles and concepts of our programs can reach many more people who struggle with the negative anger emotion. We can assure you that if you have the will and desire to control your negative emotions, the information presented in our program will be of great value and will help make positive changes in your life. Thank you again for your desire and interest. We are confident you will make our programs a personal success.

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“Living Peacefully In An Angry World” 6 Hour Online Course

This is a six hour course that has been specifically designed for those participants who desire to have an overview of the principles of anger management in an abbreviated time period. This course is especially attractive for those who are mandated to take an anger management course and need a certificate for proof of course completion. Each lesson is referred to as an anger management tool.

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